Watford Sound Studio Construction

Below is an example of a project we have completed in the past

Watford - sound studio

The build was very much in line with our usual procedure, with a reinforced concrete base, steel framed shell with timber cladding but we did not install our usual bifold or sliding doors as glass on a soundproof structure is a definite no no due to the vibrations.

As you can see from the photos the door fitted was solid and the only window was a slit window to allow a little natural light into the room.

Once all of the external work was completed we went about soundproofing the inside. The insulation used was 100mm thick acoustic insulation slabs. We used a track system devised by a company called Ikoustic from West Yorkshire which allows the soundproof plasterboard to sit in front of, rather than on, the steel frame which again eradicates any vibration.

Ikoustic also supplied Techsound which is an adhesive soundproofing layer which is applied to the plasterboard.

As well as the above soundproofing methods we also installed MuteMat which is an acoustic floor system which reduces impact and airborne noise which would interfere with any recording of music. This flooring sits directly on the floor of the structure beneath the carpet. 

Ikoustic were integral to the build of this structure and were happy to advise us every step of the way. We can highly recommend their services.

In addition to all of the above our client required the installation of sound absorbers throughout the room, above the mixing desk, in each of the corners and on the walls. These products are specially designed to absorb the sound within a room and help reduce sound reverberation or echo.

We even helped set up her mixing desk, computer screens and the rest of the paraphernalia which goes in to making modern music.

Our client was delighted with the end result and couldn’t wait to get to work in her bespoke sound studio.

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