Watford Bar and Games Room Construction

Below is an example of a project we have completed in the past

Watford - bar and games room

These clients in North Watford contacted us following our sister company, Everblades having installed artificial grass in their garden few summers ago. They were delighted with the work completed previously and as they were now considering a garden room contacting Everbuild was a natural reaction for them.

They are a family of three. The husband and father was coming up to retirement so wanted somewhere to while away the hours when he wasn’t on the golf course. The lady of the house is a social butterfly and wanted a space in which to entertain and the 16 year old son wanted a place to hang out with his pals so a garden room away from the main house was the perfect solution.

The family had inherited a little money after a parent had sadly passed away and wanted to build something long lasting in his memory, they settled on a bar and games room.

In addition to the garden room they also wanted to revamp their garden by replacing old, tired, rotting decking with new modern porcelain paving, with our sister company Everblades we were only too happy to oblige.

They did not have a particularly large garden but with the structure being built with 80% non-combustible materials we are able to install tight to the boundary so there was still plenty of garden space to enjoy.

 A 20 square metre building was decided upon with beautiful, light enabling, 3 metre wide bifold doors to bring the outside in during the summer months.  To bring even more light in the room we also installed a floor to ceiling viewing window which works really well.

As with all of our garden rooms builds the frame is made lightweight steel frame which is stronger than timber and goes up in a fraction of the time.

Once built and insulated we installed all electrics, internet point, flooring, skirting boards and decorated the room throughout.  We even assisted with the installation of cupboards, furniture and of course a beer fridge!!

All our clients needed to do was decide on a name for their new “pub”.  The recently departed parent mentioned above served for his country in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment so the pub was named and unveiled as THE ROYAL WARWICK, a lovely touch I am sure you will agree.

If you would like to explore the option of a bespoke garden room please feel free to contact us here.