Pinner Home Office and Gym Construction

Below is an example of a project we have completed in the past

Pinner - home office and gym

It is proven that a commute to work, however short, is good for mental health, whereas as living and working in the same space is not.  We provided this couple with a commute of less than 25 metres!

Along with the construction aspect of the work, we also ensured their office was fitted out with all that’s required to run a modern remote workplace. High-speed internet, smart TV, socket points, heating and LED lighting were all installed

As you can see from the internal photos, the 4m x 3.5m garden office space allowed ample room for two desks….and a dog!

Our clients enjoy keeping fit so the other half of the garden room was set up as a gym. Building the gym the same size as the office allowed lots of space for exercise, weight work, aerobics, Pilates and yoga. We even installed a punchbag so the frustration of a busy day can be taken out by simply popping next door. The customers were also planning to install a treadmill and rowing machine in the gym, and there is plenty of room for both.

They opted for two patio-style sliding doors to allow lots of light into each room. As you can see from other builds in our portfolio, a wide range of other doors and windows are also available, including bifold doors, tip and tilt windows, slot windows – whatever your  requirement, we can help.

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