Hatch End Garage Conversion

Below is an example of a project we have completed in the past

Hatch End - garage conversion

This family of four in Hatch End had lived in their 60s-built townhouse for 15 years but, as the children were growing up, they decided they needed more space.

The entirety of the ground floor, apart from a small office area and WC, was an internal double-length garage which was being used for storage and to house a washing machine. It really was a waste of a large useable space.

The client asked us for ideas to make the most of it.

We suggested the garage door be bricked up and all internal walls taken down in order to create a large, modern, open-plan space which would include TV viewing snug, dining area and contemporary kitchen.

The results were spectacular.

We needed to retain at least one internal support and suggested this be revamped as a feature, which is the brick column you see in the middle of the room.

Following completion of the structural work, which required a number of long-span steels, we installed underfloor heating, modern kitchen cabinets and appliances, aluminium bifold doors, front door, double glazed windows, replacement boiler, new WC, flooring and all required woodwork such as skirting boards and doors.

This new living area gave our clients so much more room and enabled them to reconfigure the rest of the house.

They converted their old kitchen, which had been on the first floor of the building, to a bedroom and en suite. That, in turn, meant the three bedrooms on the second floor could be converted into two larger bedrooms, which were perfect for their teenage children. 

A floor of the house for their children to enjoy!

The client has told us the space we created has transformed the way they live and they cannot believe they didn’t make the changes years ago. The family can now spend more time together – Dad cooking away in the kitchen, kids revising at the kitchen table, and Mum watching her latest boxset.

There is still a second lounge on the first floor of the property so if there is a differing of opinion in terms of what Netflix series to watch next, members of the family can retire to their preferred TV having enjoyed a meal together.